Yaldex JSFactory

Yaldex JSFactory Introduction:

Yaldex JSFactory is advanced JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals!

Beside rich possibilities of editing scripts (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VBScript, PHP and ASP(Net) syntax highlighting, etc) and the built-in preview, the program offers large snippets library with full collection of HTML tags, HTML attributes, HTML events, JavaScript events and JavaScript functions, attributes, statements and operators (such as window, document, frame, history, location, navigator, date, math, string, etc - at whole over 1200), allowing you to insert them into web page by click.

This advanced JavaScript Editor is used for professionally editing JavaScript code and creating animations and other special effects for Web pages using DOM, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The special effects are pre-made for your use, and Yaldex JSFactory makes it easy to insert them into your Web pages automatically or manually.

Yaldex JSFactory allows you to input parameters and properties for the different special effects and then creates the HTML and JavaScript code with a click of a button! The HTML and JavaScript code can be then inserted into your document automatically! It's that simple!

Moreover, Yaldex advanced JavaScript Editor contains JavaScript tutorial, HTML tutorial, CSS tutorial, CSS reference, JavaScript reference and HTML reference.

Context help (Shift+F1) gives you access to over 2000 methods, properties, events etc. of DHTML! Just place cursor on any word in the advanced JavaScript Editor then press Shift+F1 and get description (with examples) of almost any object of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and DHTML.

The program is designed for beginning and advanced WWW page creators. Beginners will find invaluable source of attractive and ready-to-use special effects there and will be able to place them on a page easily. Professionals, however, have at last the first specialized tool allowing them to create, edit and test DHTML scripts.

One of the most important features is a unique library containing over 200 ready-to-use controlled scripts and in addition, over 700 not controlled scripts for professionals!

Yaldex JSFactory Main Features:

  • Unified color-coded syntax - for JavaScript, HTML, PHP, VBScript, CSS, ASP(Net). You can immediately identify comments, functions, object, methods and other elements. Color also helps you with potential problems, for example Alert('hi') and alert('hi') is not the same thing in JavaScript.
  • Ability to experiment - unlimited (customizable) Undo and Redo are only one click away.
  • Save time by loading your recent files automatically next time you run the program.
  • Single-click navigation between documents using document tabs.
  • Line numbers and word-wrap. Optionally, you can have line numbers and word-wrap displayed.
  • Context-sensitive help : just press Shift + F1 to receive help on the function, method, property or any word under the cursor. Without this, you would have an impossible task of memorizing hundreds of functions you can call and the parameters you can pass to them.
  • Bookmarking for easy and fast navigation.
  • Find functions and variables in your documents easily - they are automatically listed. The application finds the function or variable, scrolls to it and marks it.
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