Azure Web Log

Azure Web Log Introduction:

Azure Web Log analyzer is a web site statistics tool that has both the standard functions and some distinctive features. You need not to keep all log files - Azure Web Log saves processing results in its own very compact database (one year statistics).

Hits, referring site and country distribution information are collected separately for each page or file. You can track particular pages or files of your choice. You can see everyday hits statistics for the last two months. Graphical data representation makes your work with Azure Web Log analyzer more comfortable and visual. The analyzer gives you the exact information about completed downloads, partial downloads and redirections.

Generated reports:

  • Daily hits for a last month and current month.
  • Monthly hits for a year.
  • Referring sites by months.
  • Error requests.
  • Hourly hits distribution.
  • Monthly site traffic.
  • User's operating systems and browsers.
  • Visitor's country.

What's new in Azure Web Log version 1.5?

  • Country report
    This report shows the countries your visitors are came from.
  • HTML Export
    lets you save any set of reports as one HTML document (See example). You can publish HTML report on Internet or browse it using your favorite Internet browser.

Recent additions:

You can print out individual report as well as a composite report. The composite report may be configured for each project independently.

Starting with version 1.3 Azure Web Log supports the projects. Each project represents statistics for one site, so you can process as many sites as you want.

Azure Web Log analyzer is designed for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP. Supported log file: common logfile format, NCSA combined log, IIS web log (Microsoft IIS logs in W3 extended log format).

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