DSPingPro Introduction:

DSPing Pro is light weight and can be used from any com compliant programming language: Scripting languages (VBScript, JavaScript), Visual Basic (Versions 4 and up), VBA (Word, Excel, Access ...), VC++, BC++, Delphi, Power Builder to name only a few.

DSPing Pro is a set of 2 components. One component that implements the standard ping, based on ICMP echo requests. The second is an innovative component using which you can ping servers that do not allow pinging.

More and more sites on the internet block ICMP, and there by rendering all ping utilities useless. With DSPing Pro you can still ping those servers. Use DSPing Pro to ping hosts and network resources. DSPing Pro can even ping server behind firewalls that block ICMP (i.e.: www.microsoft.com).

DSPingPro Main Features:

  • 2 separate components: IcmpPing for standard ICMP requests and ServerPing that can be used to ping any server even if ICMP is blocked.
  • Additional properties: ICMP packets sent and received which allows you to monitor packet loss and other TCP/IP problems.
  • Additional parameters in the Ping method allowing to set the interval between echo requests.
  • Improved samples and about box with direct links to web site and support.

DSPing Pro Installation:

Setting up the component is very simple using the provided installation utility. The only file required for the component to function properly is DSPingPro.DLL. It is copied to the system directory (i.e.: \WINNT\System32 for NT or \Windows\System for Win95). However if you with to move the files to another directory remember to register the component using the resgsrv32 program.

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