FDX XML Server

FDX XML Server Introduction:

A comprehensive XML Server designed to rapidly build & deploy XML & EII applications.

Snapbridge FDX XML Server is a powerful and flexible server environment for building and executing applications based on XML technologies. FDX XML Server fully supports the execution of XSL, XSLT, and of scripts to choreograph the integration, persistence and publication of information in multiple formats.

FDX XML Server Main Features:

Information Management solutions, such as Business Intelligence, Customer Data Integration, EII and Content Management require that you process data, content and metadata from many different sources and formats, such as relational databases, flat files, mainframe data, Web services, digital images from content repositories, feeds from third party resources, other information from the Internet, etc. At the heart of these solutions are XML based technologies such as XSL and XSLT. FDX XML Server is the most flexible and scaleable platform for building high performance Information Management solutions.

Native XML database
Snapbridge FDX XML Server offers a high performance XML database service for persisting, versioning, indexing, and searching XML at the finest level of granularity. In addition, it can store text, HTML, images, PDF and other binaries. All data is stored in a combination of a standard relational database and the file system in order to provide the robustness and management capabilities that enterprises expect and leverage the performance of both.

FDX XML Server can also act as a virtual, or Federated, database by offering a consolidated view on all data of connected external heterogeneous data sources. FDX makes it easy to perform joins and other SQL commands over different databases from different vendors on different operating systems. The content of these sources is made available to the world of browsers, printers, PDAs, CDs, Mobile Phones, Web applications and Web services over the Internet in XML format and in real-time.

High Performance XML processing engine
Stylesheets are generated by example using the drag and drop interface. Iteratively import source and target documents, and then graphically define transformations between them. No need for DTDs or hand-coding of XSL. Incorporates XPath visualization, syntax help, and integrated browser preview.

By using the XML Server to execute your XSLT stylesheets you can have a ready made environment for reliably executing high performance transformations. Upload an XSLT to the XML Server and it can be called via a URL whenever you need it.

XML Server also supports a fully functional XML scripting language - eXtensible Repository Action Protocol (XRAP) - for coordinating transformations, data access, caching, etc.

Fully integrated with XStudio
Upload the XSLT you create in XStudio directly into XML Server.

Sophisticated Caching Service
Need higher performance when processing XML? FDX XML Server has a sophisticated Caching service that allows you to cache xml at any point in your processing -from incoming data sources to final result sets -according to your security policy and for as long as you need the data cached, from seconds to days.

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