RegEx Registry Component

RegEx Registry Component Introduction:

Stonebroom.RegEx© is a standard COM-compliant ActiveX DLL that makes it easy to access and work with the Windows Registry in your applications.

Use it in Visual Basic©, Microsoft Office©, Active Server Pages©, or any of the millions of other Windows applications that support COM components. Now you can easily read information about the environment and the operating system that your applications run on, and store and retrieve persistence information, without having to wrestle with the awkward Windows API Extended Registry functions.

RegEx Registry Component Key Features:

  • Fast and easy access to any registry subkey and its value, for both reading and writing.
  • Fully error protected, with sensible return values that help to identify access problems.
  • Handles the extended Registry value types, and returns the existing value-type information.
  • Provides standard enumerated named constants for use in your programming environment.

RegEx Registry Component Main Features:

The RegEx component exposes five custom methods that allow you to:

  • Read the Default single value of any Registry subkey.
  • Set the Default single value of any Registry subkey.
  • Read the value of any subkey's enumerated named values.
  • Set the value of any subkey's enumerated named values.
  • Discover the value type for enumerated named values.
  • Read the RegEx component version number in code.

RegEx is supplied with a simple-to-use installation program, and requires no special software to be installed. It includes full documentation and a sample application with source code that demonstrates how it can be used.

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