SaveForm ASP State Component

SaveForm ASP State Component Introduction:

Stonebroom.SaveForm© makes it easy to persist <FORM> data throughout a user session, and save it to disk between sessions as well if required.

Make it easy for your visitors to use your site. They are more likely to provide useful and accurate information if you help them by pre-filling in as much of the form as possible. SaveForm even provides a feature for emailing the contents of a form automatically. It is designed for use with Microsoft® Active Server Pages© script.

SaveForm ASP State Component Key Features:

  • Automatically persist all the values in a <FORM> with just two lines of code.
  • Retrieve individual control values on demand with a simple method call.
  • Automatically handles special values for checkboxes and radio button controls.
  • Store the values between a user's sessions as a text file on the server's disk.
  • Alternatively, store the values in a database table on any server on the network.
  • You can even email the values automatically using Microsoft® SMTP Server.

SaveForm ASP State Component Main Features:

The SaveForm component exposes three custom methods that allow you to:

  • Save the contents of the ASP Request.Form collection in the user's Session.
  • Persist the values to a text file or a database, or send them as an email message.
  • Retrieve individual values on demand, automatically adjusted for Boolean controls.
  • Easily retrieve the set of stored value from disk back into the user's session.
  • Access values for any user or page on demand with optional method parameters.
  • Use your own custom identifiers to persist values for any number of specific users.
  • Make your and your user's life easier through more accurate and useful information.

SaveForm is supplied with a simple-to-use installation program, and requires no special software to be installed other than Active Server Pages© itself. (However, to use the email function you also require the Microsoft® SMTP Server service to be available on the server). It includes full documentation and a set of sample files that demonstrate how it can be used.

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