ServerZip ASP Component

ServerZip ASP Component Introduction:

Stonebroom.ServerZip© provides real-time file compression on the server.

It is designed for use with Microsoft© Active Server Pages© scripts, and offers a range of options including provision of a listing of available files. ServerZip creates compressed files in the industry-standard ZIP format, which can be unzipped using any other standard zip utility program.

ServerZip ASP Component Key Features:

  • Allow remote tele-workers and home-workers to collect files more quickly and efficiently. No need for on-site staff to compress them first.
  • Provide on-demand pre-download compression of files that change regularly. Users always get the latest version, while saving on download time.
  • Quickly backup databases or other non-static files across the Web or your Intranet. Save time and reduce network traffic.
  • Compress log files and scheduled database dump files before downloading them to another site. Ideal for remote Web site administrators.

ServerZip ASP Component Main Features:

The ServerZip component exposes a range of properties and methods that allow you to:

  • Compress one or more files, either fully specified or by using wildcards, on demand and in real-time, on the server.
  • Include a hyperlink in a Web page for the user to collect the compressed file remotely across the Web.
  • Specify if matching files in all subdirectories, or all the contents of those subdirectories, are to be included in the compressed file.
  • Control the compression rate/speed trade-off, so as to optimize usability depending on file type and size.
  • Specify that the original files are deleted once successfully compressed.
  • Apply a password to securely encrypt the compressed file as it is created, allowing controlled distribution of files.
  • Provide users with selected listings of files on the server, within a Web page in their browser.
  • Add custom text and HTML to the listing to create a range of output formats..
  • Delete compressed files after collection, depending on their age, in a single operation.
  • Specify source list directories as physical or virtual paths, allowing flexible access to files.
  • Use the included Security Manager utility to control the options that can be applied, so as to protect your system.
  • Use all aspects of ServerZip seamlessly across the Web with standard https and TCP/IP protocols.

ServerZip is supplied with a simple-to-use installation program, and requires no special software to be installed other than Active Server Pages© itself. It includes full documentation and a set of sample files that demonstrate how it can be used.

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