TelnetXQ Server

TelnetXQ Server Introduction:

TelnetXQ is a full featured enterprise level Telnet Server. A fast and robust service, TelnetXQ lets you use full screen console applications like DOS Edit, custom industrial console applications from RF terminals, or just simple DOS command line applications. TelnetXQ provides the ultimate in flexibility with its inbound/outbound KeyMapping feature that allows you to map a sequence of keys on the server to key(s) on the client side, and vice-versa.

TelnetXQ Server Main features:

  • Configurable console properties: console width, height, command shell, end of line characters
  • Configurable Telnet port
  • Configurable session characteristics: maximum users, maximum logon attempts, welcome banner, exit banner, maximum users banner
  • Ability to add/delete/configure multiple users (user ID, password, default directory, etc.)
  • Logon/Log Off Scripts
  • Access Logging keeps an audit trail of user sessions
  • Ability to block or allow concurrent logons
  • Ability to bind Telnet and Web Telnet services to specific IP addresses (for machines with more than one network card/adapter---can even bind to a dynamic dial-up IP)
  • Real time connection viewing
  • Real time data activity logging via a built in diagnostic window
  • Configurable buffer size for sending
  • The ability to run as a service under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • Allows user account import from an NT/2000/XP domain, server, or workstation (must be running on an NT or later)
  • Full featured context menu accessible from the task tray
  • Session shadowing allows you to watch active users and optionally ¡®guide¡¯ or ¡®tutor¡¯ a logged on user
  • Includes the ability to screen user logons by IP address
  • Includes extensive network diagnostics: network card, routing table, current connections, bandwidth per adapter, etc.
  • NT/2000/XP Security integration (logon authentication matched against existing accounts)
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