XSLTransform Component

XSLTransform Component Introduction:

Stonebroom.XSLTransform© extends the XML-XSL transformation capabilities of the Microsoft® XML Parser component (MSXML). If you are using XML in your applications or Web sites, you need to be able to transform it into a range of other formats, and XSL style sheets are the best way. However this means that either the user requires a specific compatible browser, or your server has to do the work itself.
XSLTransform makes it much easier to carry out transformations that 'pre-process' your XML documents. Better than that, it can create the results as disk files - which means that you can batch process your XML to the preferred output quickly and easily, on demand if required. This vastly reduces the processing load on your server.

XSLTransform is supplied as a Microsoft COM-compatible ActiveX DLL component that can be instantiated and accessed from any COM-enabled language. This includes Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, VBScript, JScript, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual C++, Delphi, and many others.

XSLTransform Component Main Features:

  • Fast, efficient and easy transformation of XML into any format you require, using XSL style sheets.
  • Allows you to pre-process your XML documents, which vastly reduces the load on your server.
  • Accepts XML and XSL as disk files or as document strings, making integration with your applications much easier.
  • Outputs the result either as a string or, as a disk file specified by a physical or virtual path.
  • Can be used with a batch file containing commands to automatically process multiple files.
  • Uses the services of any of the standard Microsoft® XML Parser components for maximum compatibility.

IMPORTANT: XSLTransform uses the services provided by the Microsoft® XML Parser component (either MSXML, MSXML2 or MSXML3 - you can specify which to use). The parser must be properly installed on the machine where XSLTransform is used. MSXML is automatically installed when you install Microsoft Internet ExplorerTM version 5.0 or higher. Alternatively you can download a copy of MSXML from the Microsoft Web site at https://msdn.microsoft.com/xml/.

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