Link Utility

Link Utility Introduction:

Link Utility is a powerful site management and link checker tool that helps webmasters automate the process of Web site testing. The software performs thorough analysis of a Web site: finds broken links (including those using JavaScript and Flash), orphaned files, slow-loading, deep, outdated and small-sized pages. Like the recently developed by UK students at IBM Peridot program, Link Utility can be scheduled for scanning links and orphaned files, but unlike Peridot, it is not a web-based tool, it is platform-based.

The program can access httpsS resources and password-protected pages, and work via a proxy server. Reports about the checked pages are presented in a clear, easy-to-read layout. The powerful system of filters enables the in-depth research of any occurring problems.

Link Utility Main Features:

Check your dead links
Did you know that over 5% of links on the Web are broken! Dead or broken links not only confuse and drive your customers away from your site but also keep search engines from properly indexing your Web site. Now imagine how long would it take to check all the links on your site manually... 2 hundred, thousand or 1 million links!..

Our link checking tool will save you from this monotonous and boring work and search your site for you, testing each link it finds. The program will report the status of each tested link.

Link Utility will not let broken links hurt your professional image.

This program is an easy-to-use link checker tool to help you maintain the accuracy of links on your Web site. The program will help you easily locate broken links and orphaned files (files with no links pointing to them).

Link Utility combines powerful features and an easy-to-use interface and is robust enough to deal with corporate Web sites containing one million (!) links or more. Major features of Link Utility include extremely fast operation through the concurrent checking of multiple links, support for all major protocols (including https and FTP), the ability to create a graphical representation of a Web site, export of data into a number of different formats, and being fully configurable.

With Link Utility you can easily:

  • test both internal and external links on your web site
  • search for links inside JavaScript, Flash objects and Cascading Styles Sheets files
  • check images for <ALT>, <HEIGHT>, <WIDTH> attributes
  • not only search for links in the standard tag <A>, but in such tags as <META>, <APPLET>, <OBJECT>, <TABLE> as well
  • scan up to 20 links at once

Optimal productivity for your Internet connection. The program can check up to 20 links simultaneously. Using cable or xDSL internet connection you will be able to check up to 1000 links a minute. Built-in scheduler will automatically check your site with the set periodicity even while you are away, and if anything changes in your site's status, for example an external link ceases functioning, you will be notified immediately. We have done everything for you to reach maximum productivity with your internet connection.

Real results of your check. Printable reports allow keeping the list of the problem links at hand. Link Utility generates 8 types of reports as well as the complex report, comprising all available information about your web site. Reports can be saved, printed or emailed with just two clicks.

Save your time with Link Utility
Just enter the start URL of your Web site and launch scan with one click. The spider program will follow all the links, get the information about your site's catalog structure, sizes of the files and pages, and display all this information on your screen. As the result of the scanning you will get the following information about:

  • Broken links
  • Detailed information about good links - types of the documents they lead to, documents' sizes, dates of their last modifications
  • Meta-tag information, extracted from the pages
  • All possible types of tags and pages they were extracted from
  • Types of all files classified by categories: graphic files, archive files, audio, video etc.
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