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Site Statistics Introduction:
Understanding Web site traffic and visitor behaviour is crucial to managing a Web site promotion and Search Engine Optimization process. Site statistics analysis creates an opportunity to actively manage your Web site promotion budget and enables you to make sound decisions about what resources are less effective to advertise on and concentrate your on-line marketing dollars on those delivering the best quality and target traffic. That means that you can analyze the actual return on investment (ROI) of your Web site promotion budget.

There are two ways of analyzing site statistics - online counters and log analyzers. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, but none can satisfy all webmaster's demands for comprehensive, fast and precise statistical information. How many times have you seen an empty image placeholder in the place where the counter image should have been? Every time you download a page with a counter it downloads an image from the counter server. But what if the server is down for some time? The visitors will not be counted for that period. But what if the counter server crashes regularly? Besides the instability counters have the following drawbacks:

  • The counter image may not load if the images support is turned off on user browser
  • The browsers, not supporting JavaScript will not be counted properly
  • Counters cannot record robots visits
  • Counters cannot record visitors, not allowing cookies to be set on their computers

Log analyzers, in their turn cannot discriminate between the users working through a proxy server and users with dynamic IP addresses. Besides, log analyzers cannot track your permanent audience, which is very important when waging targeted advertising campaigns.

Nowadays it is impossible to get a clear picture of your site without handy and customizable tools for statistical analysis. Ideally, someone at the company should be assigned full time to analyze all aspects of site visibility on the Web, plan SEO marketing and pay-per-click campaigns.

Site Statistics Main Features:

  • Check your site statistics
    NetPromoter presents fundamentally new software for analyzing Web resource activity - Site Statistics. The program comprises best features of both - a counter and a log analyzer and provides a set of additional tools for site optimization. The software is designed for getting detailed in-depth overview of visitor behavior on a Web site and making decisions on improving your site navigation, visibility, customer experience, etc. Site Statistics works with every site - regardless of the technology used - be it static HTML site or a dynamic ASP or PHP site and proved to be very reliable and effective.
  • Create site counter
    What if, instead of using a remotely hosted counter you will install your own one, placed on your server, working without problems and going inoperative only if your server is down? What if this counter is absolutely anonymous and nobody but you will have access to the statistics, gathered by this counter? Using Script Generator module you should only place a small picture embedded into JavaScript code on every page on your site that is to be counted, and the program will do all the rest - record page requests, gather information about visitors, pages and sites they came from and so on. The data will be stored in the separate files on your server, which can then be downloaded and analyzed by the Log Statistics module.
    Apart from statistics files, created by the counter, Log Statistics module can also analyze log files of all known formats, which can be used as a supplementary source of site activity information. The program supports the following log file formats: W3C Extended Log File Format, Apache Log Format, IIS Log File Formats, NPLog - the file, generated by the Site Statistics counter
  • Check your site indexation
    The Site Indexation module of Site Statistics program allows retrieving information on pages of your site that have been indexed by major search engines. Possessing such information you will be able to decide which important pages of your site need to be submitted to search engines for indexation.
  • Analyze spider routes
    Site Statistics program not only tracks visitors behaviour on your site, it also analyzes your server log files information on spider routes and shows in the form of a site tree how do search engine spiders see your resource. This information enables you to get a vivid picture of your Web site`s condition.
  • Check your site rank
    If your site isn't getting enough visitors, how can you increase your site visibility on search engines? How do your competitors cope with it?

    The Top 10 Analyzer module allows analyzing search results and finding sites that occupy top positions by the keywords that are relevant for your site. You can parse the pages of your competitors and scrutinize the factors that allowed them to rank high on such search engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. The program analyzes keyword density and weight, displays detailed information on the keyword distribution in the form of histograms, analyzes link popularity of you site and your competitor sites. Using the information mined by the program you can decide on further actions you will take for promoting your site over the Web.

    The Site Analyzer module allows downloading and analyzing the structure of your site, saving information about all its pages and viewing keyword density and weight statistics for the pages of your site. The module is closely integrated with the Log Statistics module, you can export keywords, by which actual visitors found your site on search engines and referers from the Log Statistics module for subsequent analysis of the site pages. Besides, you can preview the map of your site in the form of an interactive chart and decide on the effectiveness of the site navigation and layout.
  • Get completely customizable reports
    The reports, provided by the program allow viewing site statistics in all possible dimensions. All reports are conveniently grouped by types and categories to meet all webmasters' needs. Alongside with the regular reports you can select the information to be included into the customized reports, which will be saved in the reports history.
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