XpertChat Introduction:

XpertChat powers you website live support, without any subscription or monthly fee.

You just need XpertChat running on a computer with internet access (xDSL, Cable or higher is recommended).
This software works on any internet access, you can give live support to your costumers wherever you are.

Stop paying monthly fees for your web support services, and just buy the software and its done.

You don't need a fixed IP, with URL integration you can publish the ip you have on the moment.

Give a nickname to users, change the window appearance and put the interface in your own language.

This is a very easy to use software that can power your website live support forever.

With XpertChat your website can be on a Linux, Unix or Windows server without any problems and users can access with any operating system including Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac.

Assist multiple customers simultaneously, save money over phone calls. You get an audio/visual alert as visitors enter your site or when they ask to chat with you. You see, in real-time, all the visitors browser used, and many other information.

XpertChat Main Features:

  • Appearance of the chat window can be changed, colors and text fields can be modified.
  • Archive all your chats, to better assist your costumers you will have all chat logs stored on your computer.
  • Audio and Visual alerts, can warn you that a user is requesting technical support.
  • View Browser and Operating System version of all your online users.
  • One-click Operator Name if you have more than one assistant working on Live Support of the site, they can change their name by pressing on Operator button.
  • Dynamic IP is possible if you have more than one assistant working on Live Support of the site, they can change their name by pressing on Operator button.
  • Color Lights: Green if you have read and replied user, yellow if you have not replied the user, Red if you don't read the message arrived. You can add sounds to this events.
  • Block User, to block a user to avoid hackers or illegal user procedures.
  • Export Log, export your chat text to a text file, to be used on your third-party software (FAQ databases)
  • Trace Route, its a useful utility that traces the route of the information traveling form the host computer to the remote destination. This will allow you to pinpoint where the information is getting stuck or slowing down.
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