Applet Glide Navigation

Applet Glide Navigation Introduction:

Applet Glide Navigation - Creates gliding menus on Web pages.

The applet can be customized highly and easily through the ACP(Applet Configuration Program). You can specify caption, image, font, color, link and more to applet. It is unnecessary to write any code manually. ACP will generate all necessary codes automatically.

Each item have its own properties. This means that you may set one item's caption to be black and leave others to be white. This gives you the ability to design a fantastic menu. Make changes to one item will not affect others. If you have so many items in the whole navigation system, you may use Global Properties Change Window to apply one item's looking and feeling properties to others by simply several clicks. It is unnecessary to make changes one by one and will save your time.

The WYSIWYG interface will speed up your design. It will simulate the menu's look and feel and behavior in the real web browser. You may preview the applet in your favorite web browser by simply clicking one button.

You need to upload some files to web server to get applet to work and all these files will be saved along with the project file so that you can easily find and publish them to the Internet or deploy to Intranet. Help documentation is included but you may not need it with this easy-to-use tool.

The applet can read all data from a single data file so you may add the navigation system to all web pages on your web site and make them pointing to the same configuration file. If you need to make any changes in the future, you just need to update one file and all applets pointing to this file will reflect the changes.

The size of the applet class files is around 14kb so it will be downloaded instantly. With this easy-to-use applet authoring tool, you can make a professional navigation system just in minutes!

This tool was included into Web Designers Toolkit. It includes some other script tools with a lower price.

Applet Glide Navigation Features:

  • Applet can be customized highly.
  • Configure applet parameters through Applet Configuration Program.
  • Generate applet parameters automatically.
  • JavaScript function supported.
  • Loading applet parameters from single data file.
  • Sound effect supported.
  • Pre-made templates.
  • Image file supported (gif and jpeg).
  • Preview the applet within configuration program.
  • Specify the web browser to preview.

What's new in Applet Glide Navigation version 2006?

  • Fix minor bugs of Configuration Interface.
  • Make it to work better with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
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