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fpHelp Builder Introduction:

fpHelp Builder creates help contents, newsletters, e-books, manuals, guides and information delivery systems.

Authors can use fpHelp Builder to create online help for a software application or content for a multimedia title or web site. As an information delivery system, HTML Help is suited for a wide range of applications, including training guides, interactive books and electronic newsletters, as well as help for software applications.

Microsoft® FrontPage and fpHelp Builder not only allow you to design HTML pages and navigation structures of web sites, but also apply themes, manage links, receive reports, etc. In addition, the main advantage of this solution is that the user does not need to learn new software but can use an already familiar one.

The fpHelp Builder is a very simple and powerful Microsoft FrontPage add-in that allows the conversion of a web site to a Microsoft HTML Help file (CHM file). Your workable of FrontPage is enough to construct the Help file from any web site.

Once your web site is complete, you can compile it to create the final compressed help file (CHM file). As a help author, you manage the locations of your topic, contents, index, and other files. You can also modify the web site to match the design of your help system or can make other changes depending on the size and complexity of your system.

Instead of creating the traditional Help files you can convert any web site into a single compressed help (.chm) file which is the help standard for Microsoft Windows. After that you can distribute your sites as single units which could be manuals, Helps, guides, readme files, e-books, etc..

fpHelp Builder provides these features:

  • FrontPage source files are compressed into a compiled help file, which uses far less disk space than the original source files.
  • Compiled help files can be distributed along with a software product, or they can be quickly downloaded from a web site.

The main advantage of the fpHelp Builder is its simplicity and usability: in a few mouse clicks you will receive the CHM file from your FrontPage web site.

We spent a lot of time to simplify the interface. All features of the fpHelp Builder are now as follows:

3 steps to get help file:

  • Step 1 Create web site in FrontPage
  • Step 2 (optional) Insert keywords into page properties in Front Page
  • Step 3 Start fpHelp Builder - in a few seconds you will get the Help file from your web site

This is what will occur:

  • Keywords from the FrontPage web pages become your index tab.
  • FrontPage navigation structure becomes your CHM file (Help file or manual or guide).
  • The contents from the FrontPage web pages become the contents of the CHM Help pages.
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