IE ScrollBar FreeStyler Plus

IE ScrollBar FreeStyler Plus Introduction:

IE ScrollBar FreeStyler Plus is the tool to help you design your scrollbars.

You can define a base color and let Internet Explorer automatically color all the scrollbar elements in shades based on that color. You can go deeper and specify colour for all the parts of the scrollbar.

You can also save your scrollbar color schemes to a file and re-load them into the program at a later time to change any color values or re-generate the code for another page should you lose your original code.

You can copy the colour constant in your HTML editor and paste it into IE ScrollBar FreeStyler Plus to assign to any scrollbar part.

IE ScrollBar FreeStyler Plus supports both hexadecimal colour constants (#rrggbb) and IE named colour constants ("red", "yellow", "powderblue", "lemonchiffon", etc.) as the clipboard paste source.

You may even copy a part of your CSS that refers to scrollbar and paste it into IE ScrollBar FreeStyler Plus! The special engine will parse the CSS and set the colours appropriately, so you can edit them.
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