KVT ImageCutter

KVT ImageCutter Introduction:

Than You use for the speedup of loading pages from Your web-site? As You do imageslicing for the web-site?

The KVT ImageCutter is powerful and useful tool for slicing Your web-images with support the batch splitting of images. ImageCutter is for WWW/HTML Authors.

It cuts large images into small pieces, and then creates HTML TABLE code that pieces it all back together seamlessly. You can then use the pieces to wrap links and imagemap hotspots. In addition to being able to create attractive web page headers and banners, your page will also load faster. Useful to any graphics designer.

KVT ImageCutter Main Features:

  • Project templates let you create a set of default preferences to apply to new projects.
  • Up to 65535 Undo Operations.
  • Automatic generation of HTML code to piece the image back together on your page.
  • Dockable Toolbars
  • Customizable Rulers (pixels, hi/low metric, inches, and twips)
  • Batch cutting allows you to load several images and cut all of them to the same cutting pattern.
  • Input formats supported: .png, .pcx, .pcd, .tga, .tif, .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .ico, .wmf, .emf
  • Output formats supported: .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .tga, .pcx and .bmp
  • Individual property settings for each slice:
    -Output Image Format (jpg, gif, tif, bmp);
    -URL for anchor HTML-tags;
    -Alternative text for anchor HTML-tags;
    -Target for anchor HTML-tags;
    -File Name of slice for HTML-tags;
  • Automatic generation of HTML code to reassemble the image.
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