Sothink DHTMLMenu

Sothink DHTMLMenu Introduction:
With Sothink DHTMLMenu builder, you are only a few mouse-click away from creating professional DHTML menus! No programming knowledge is required! No need to worry about compatibility, as the web menus will work perfectly in all browsers.

Why choose Sothink DHTMLMenu:

  • Extensive compatibility with all browsers
  • Seamless integration with Dreamweaver, Frontapage, etc.
  • Friendly interface ensuring you that
  • Fully customizable properties
  • Plentiful templates and styles pre-designed
  • Unique functions including site generator, publish wizard, etc.
  • Considerate customer support from our Sothink team

Sothink DHTMLMenu Main Features:

  • Easy and simple for both novice and expert at web design to create professional web menus. You don't need any DHTML or JavaScript experience or writing a single line of code.
  • Generate robust code to build cross-browser and cross-platform menus compatible with almost all available browsers on various OS including Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux.
  • Use as a standalone application, or integrated with Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage, Golive or Sothink HTMLEditor seamlessly as an extension.
  • A thorough HELP documentation (478k) on every detail feature and property, and a concise tutor will help you grasp Sothink DHTMLMenu quickly. Troubleshooter and clear instructions with examples are provided online. Priority email support is guaranteed for every registered customer.
  • Sothink DHTMLMenu offers a clear and friendly user interface (view the screenshot). You can switch between standard mode (live preview mode) and edit mode agilely. Standard mode helps you specify the menuí»s best effect, while edit mode shows the editing item with clear borders.
  • You can create your own templates or choose one template from the gallery to apply or modify. There are over 72 inspiring themes pre-designed for you. And more novel samples designed by our professional designer can be freely downloaded from Sothink website.
  • Fully customizable properties including multiple menu levels, size, text (RTL direction supported), font, link, background (image and animated background supported), bullets, border style, separator, pop-up direction, special effects, and transparency. It also allows you to add sound.
  • Cross-frame function will help you to create menus for framed (common frame, nested frame, and Iframe) websites perfectly.
  • Ruler function can help you optimize layout. With the ruler menus can be accurately shaped and positioned at any relative or absolute place in the web page.
  • In Sothink DHTMLMenu, You can set your menu to be static, so that it will always be aligned to be in the left, right, or center of the page; Or you can set it to be float, so that you can specify the offset of the top margin above the menu and the left margin to the left edge of the menu.
  • Sothink DHTMLMenu makes it easy to create long menus that auto-scroll in an area of precise width and height.
  • Sothink DHTMLMenu can make your menu automatically highlight its sub-item to indicate where the viewer is on the website.
  • Custom menu or Context menu which can dynamically show or hide at visitorí»s pleasure are easy to set in Sothink DHTMLMenu.
  • Menu item condition setting would help advanced users create database-driven menus. (Check out these pages to learn about how to create dynamic menus using ASP, JSP, PHP or ColdFusion)
  • Sothink DHTMLMenu will let the menu intellectually hide Flash, Form, Iframe, and other window elements.
  • You can directly write HTML/JavaScript code to design menus with your own special style.
  • The generator wizard can analyze items and links in your navigation menu and then automatically generate a HTML file which shows the corresponding navigation map.
  • With the publish wizard, you could insert the codes of your DHTML menus into the web just by a few mouse clicks.
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