TigerII Tools

TigerII Tools Introduction:

TigerII Tools is a HTML toolbox include Table & Form Wizard, Visual Map Wizard, Image Cutter, Gallery Wizard, Color picker, MiniPad..

You will find here advanced wizards that will help to create several parts of your website eg. complex tables and forms, galleries. You will also find these tools useful while creating image maps and cutting images into parts. In addition TigerII MiniPad HTML Editor is added to package.

TigerII Table & Form Wizard:

This tool allows you creating complex table or form without using HTML language.

  • Max table dimmesions 99999x99999 pixels,
  • Max 100 columns and 999 rows,
  • Ability to create table from template,
  • Ability to save table for future reedition,
  • Exports HTML description of the created table to clipboard or to HTML document,
  • Ability to insert form fields into table cells,

Available tools:

  • Cells span and divide,
  • Insert Row and columns,
  • Space equally rows and columns,
  • Cell alignment,
  • Cell background and text color.

TigerII Visual Map Wizard:

This tool is an advanced image mapper that allows creating areas in every shape that you can imagine and to reedit existing maps.

Short description:

  • Allows creating a new map for selected image,
  • Allows editing existing map directly from HTML document,
  • Allows creating new map for existing image in selected HTML document,
  • Exports created map to clipboard and saves to selected HTML document,
  • Allows assigning of JavaScript events to defined areas,
  • Supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP graphics format,

Available tools:

  • Drawing areas : rectangle, circle, polyline,
  • Area remover,
  • Area cloner,
  • Handles editor (allows adding and removing handles)
  • Drawing area type converter (allows converting rectangle and circle to polyline)
  • Locks areas to prevenr accidental moving or resizing of area,
  • Zoom 1:3, 1:2, 2:1, 3:1

TigerII Image Cutter

This tool is useful when you want to split big image into smaller parts.

Short description:

  • Unlimited split quantity,
  • Accepts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG,
  • Saves images into BMP, PNG or JPEG file,
  • Creates HTML Table with created images,

Available tools:

  • Horizontal and vertical spliting line,
  • Line remover,
  • Line mover

TigerII Gallery Wizard

In several steps you can easily create a gallery (with navigation mechanism) form selected images.

Short description:

  • Unlimited quantity of images,
  • Creates thumbnails,
  • Scales images,
  • Adds navigation mechanism.
  • Supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP graphics format,

TigerII Color picker

Color picker is useful to choose colors to your website layout.

Short description:

  • Color edition in RGB and CMYK modes,
  • Captures colors directly from the screen,
  • Imports and exports palettes from and to Paint Shop Pro,
  • Exports color schemes to HTML document and Style definition (CSS),
  • Copies edited color to the clipboard in selected format (HTML, JAVA, VC, DELPHI etc.),
  • Recognizes pasted color format

TigerII MiniPad

TigerII MiniPad is simple text - editor that allows you to make quick changes in text files without starting big editor application. It can be used insted of standard Windows Notepad.


  • Syntax highlighting HTML, PHP, PERL, PASCAL,
  • Printout preview,
  • Multilevel UNDO,
  • Regular expresions,
  • handles files bigger then 64kb
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